Bitwin24 experience

Valuable Bitwin24 experience

Crypto sweepstakes … certainly not for me, I thought. And yes, the part with the competition still doesn’t interest me. I am not a gambler. But the coin and the income that you can make as an investor interest me very much. That’s why I tried the whole thing for a few hundred euros. Here I would like to share my Bitwin24 experience with you.


I’ve been with Getnode for over 2 years, which is operated by the same company. At Getnode you earn, to put it simply, with the transaction fees of Bitcoin, and not too little. I have linked my detailed Getnode experience.

So I already knew that the company behind it was reliable and serious. This is always very important to me, after all, it is my money that I want to have back!

Briefly explained: How it works

BitWin24 is the first blockchain lottery to be powered by its own blockchain. It includes the main nodes, masternodes, a proof-of-stake system, a transparent pulling mechanism and a continuous airdrop system, which passively rewards early adopters with a percentage of all profits in the ecosystem.

BitWin24 determines the winners based on a randomly selected Bitcoin hash that is not known to any party, thereby eliminating the possibility of the result of the drawing being influenced in any way.

BitWin24 develops the prizes among the winners via its own blockchain and discloses all measures relating to the funds acquired through ticket sales and their use.

What's in it for the investor?

Participants in the BitWin24 ecosystem can earn in a number of ways – by winning the jackpots, recommending BitWin24 and benefiting from the winning chains, owning major nodes, getting access to the continuous airdrop system as early adopters and using the BWI coin as an investment method over the long term.

No other blockchain lottery on the market today offers this level of diversification, which makes BitWin24 extraordinarily lucrative for a large target group – from professional and casual investors, gamblers and even IT companies.

The BitWin24 sale is carried out in three rounds, each with different bonuses, whereby early adopters are preferred with ~ 10% bonus coins on their investment. Access to the exclusive Airdrop system rewards first movers with a lifelong passive source of income.

a look inside - Dashboard

Bitwin24 experience

As you can see on my screenshot, the dashboard is a very tidy thing. (I have blurred my personal data). You will see the most important things right from transactions. I get profits every month and not too short. Up to now that was 2-4% per month! After half a year I decided to deposit something again and my profits increased further.

In addition, you could rent a complete masternode in the system from 3000 BWI, that is around 1500 €. That means, similar to Getnode, you would earn from the transaction fees (80% of them), which is super lucrative.

In my Bitwin24 experience, the deposit was made within 3 days. So quite normal. However, you have to pay by bank transfer. It would be great if PayPal came along later.

Dashboard - Bitwin24 experience


Registration is very easy. Enter your login details, your identity will be verified via KYC and with a small deposit – I recommend at least € 100 or $ 100 – you are there. I had and still have great Bitwin24 experience and I wish you all the best with your passive income.

I’ll leave you the registration link here. If you go in via the link, you really help me to continue with my experience reports:


Coin Symbol: BWI
PoS (Proof of Stake)
Blockgröße: 2 MB
Blockzeit: 60 sec
Masternode: yes, 3 000 BWI per Masternode
Staking: yes, with no minimum number of coins

Masternodes are network nodes, each of which the
maps the entire blockchain. For operating the masternodes and confirming transactions, the operator receives 80% of each block that he validates.

The main advantages of the BitWin24 lottery
• Tamper-proof lottery procedure and
Prize Draw
• Counterfeit-proof, blockchain-based profit and cash flow management
• own blockchain technology
• Independence from third party providers
• We play BitWin24 worldwide without regional ones
• Simplified typing process, with only 16 to be typed
• Many times higher chances of winning in the game
and within a syndicate
BitWin24 White Paper | German version | Page 24
7. Why BitWin24
• Maximum ease of use through our mobile and
Desktop applications

Payment is made via BTC, FIAT (euros, dollars, etc.) or BWI Coin, as desired.

In my Bitwin24 experience, a very fast and friendly support:

BitWin24 Support:

More about Getnode

Mit Bitcoin Transaktionsgebühren ein passiven Einkommen generieren. Meine Getnode Erfahrung!


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